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Can Tin Ceiling Tiles Be Used in a Bathroom?

Answer: YES!

As is so very typical, our visitors often serve to inspire our posts. Recently Monique asked us, “I would like to put the tin tiles on my ceiling in the bathroom. 1. Do the tin tiles rust? 2. Should I be worried about humidity in the bathroom?”

So we of course, immediately emailed our ceiling tile expert, Milan, over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles, for his take on the use of tin tiles in bathrooms. Milan says, “Go for it!” with a few caveats. If you use actual tin tiles they “must be primed and painted from both sides with paint for metal so they will not rust.” The same holds true for mill finished aluminum tiles. But he believes the very “best choice of ceiling tiles for bathroom applications are clear coated aluminum tiles or pre-finished painted aluminum tiles.” Alternatively, any faux tin tile (PVC) or styrofoam tile will work, too.

Can Tin Ceiling Tiles Be Used in a Bathroom?

And now for the fun part >> inspirational photos! Be sure to check out our inst

Although it is hard to tell, this first photo depicts styrofoam ceiling tiles painted an antiqued silvery color to imitate the look of aged tin tiles.

Spanish Silver Styrofoam Ceiling Tile in Antique Silver

Spanish Silver Styrofoam Ceiling Tile in Antique Silver  (photo from

These next two bathrooms feature similar style ceiling tiles. The difference is strictly the finish. In the top photo the ceiling tiles are painted in a shade of white. The ceiling in the second photo is mostly likely clear coated aluminum or a bright silver painted finish. Unfortunately we have not been able to find photo attributions for any of these photographs. If you by chance know who shot them or their original source, please let us know. 

Decorative Square Ceiling Tiles in Classic Bathroom

Square decorative tin ceiling tiles in bathroom

Classic Square Decorative Ceiling Tiles

To replicate the look consider using classic square decorative ceiling tiles. :: Constitution SquaresShanko – Aluminum – Wall and Ceiling Patterns – #505 | Union Square – Aluminum – #2429 | Banker’s Hours – Faux Tin Tile – #224

 And finally,  we thought this bathroom ceiling was so much fun we shared it on Instagram! This highly ornate vintage inspired bathroom sparkles with a bright silver ceiling. Most likely these are also aluminum clear coated ceiling tiles. But truthfully, the faux ceiling tile options are so realistic, it is sometimes hard to discern the difference, especially in a photograph. Again, we do not have a photo attribution. Please let us know if you know who took this photo or where its original source.

Bathroom Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Clover-Style Decorative Ceiling Tiles

To replicate the look consider using clover-inspired decorative ceiling tiles. :: Shanko – Aluminum – Wall and Ceiling Patterns – #500 | Renaissance Faire – Aluminum Ceiling Tile – #2428 |  Tuscan Glory – Aluminum Ceiling Tile – #2438 | Alhambra – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – #217

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