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Decorative Tin Tile Bedroom Furniture

Years ago we introduced you to a classic tin ceiling tile bed. It turns out we like tin tile bedroom furniture as much today as we did 10 years ago. Classic never goes out of style! Unfortunately we have not been able to find any new beds adorned with genuine vintage (or for that matter, new) ceiling tiles. It looks like today, owning such a bed is a DIY endeavor. There are so many vintage ceiling tiles available on Etsy that your bed can truly be as fabulous as your own imagination.

DIY Decorative Tin Tile Bedroom Furniture

And of course we love so many of the ceiling tiles from Decorative Ceiling Tiles. Here you can order just about any tile in any color and style your can imagine!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more modern headboard look, Decorative Ceiling Tiles also offers decorative wood fretwork panels. We can already envision crating a fabulous headboard from these real wood panels. This laser-cut material offers a paintable or stainable thin wood veneer, features filigree carvings with crisp, detailed cutout work. showing off the wood’s natural beauty with unmatched quality and simple installation.  Make the perfect statement with more than 60 unique designs to choose from in 4 sizes and 2 thicknesses.

Vintage Style Ceiling Tile Bed

We did, however, find this exquisite headboard, a true standout piece, destined to enhance your bedroom’s allure. The captivating design boasts six square, intricately carved panels adorned with delicate floral detailing reminiscent of charming vintage ceiling tiles. Enclosed by a substantial, elegantly molded frame, this headboard offers a timeless touch to your bed’s presentation. Crafted from the finest solid wood, it exudes a rustic charm with its weathered gray finish, evoking the essence of a French countryside aesthetic. Versatility is at its core, as it seamlessly complements a bed frame of your preference, including adjustable beds. Hand-curated by the esteemed Kelly Clarkson, this headboard exudes sophistication and refinement, elevating your bedroom to new heights of elegance.


Decorative Tin Tile Bedroom Furniture

2023 Update!

We are so excited we can barely contain ourselves. You all know how much we love ceiling tile headboards. So check out what we found on Etsy today. Doorman Designs, a craftsman / artisan from New Orleans who actually builds custom reclaimed wood and ceiling tin beds. Best of all, he ships his bedroom furniture (and other handcrafted, “works of art”) nationwide in wooden and cardboard crates. Each crate comes packed with clear and detailed instruction of how to put the beds back together. And yes, re-construction is simple enough for a novice to tackle!

And although these beds are not made from tin ceiling tiles, DoormanDesigns is offering on trend, hard to find blackened metal bed frames. And we are obsessed!

Custom Blackened Metal Bed Frames

Custom Blackened Metal Bed Frames

A Little About the Craftsman

Alex Geriner stumbled upon furniture design quite by accident. He wanted the furnishings in his first post college 1880s apartment to embody the charm and grit of the Crescent City. Yet, he needed to furnish this historical space on a minuscule budget. Consequently, Alex decided to build it himself. He constructed a headboard crafted from an old growth cypress five panel door salvaged from a house flooded in Hurricane Katrina. He then inlaid the panels with ornate, 19th century ceiling tins to give the piece more character and history. And the rest is history. Alex quietly crafted a reputation as a skilled and exquisite artisan. Today he not only sells his much sought after headboards, he also designs and builds coffee tables, lighting, and dining room tables, too.

Alex uses architectural salvage materials with an emphasis on reclaimed wood from New Orleans homes destroyed or damaged by Katrina. Growing up on the Gulf Coast, he loves discovering history in New Orleans’ architectural details. After Katrina, his heart broke as he watched the city’s buildings being torn down, flooded and ruined. He believes each door, each window frame, and each piece of wood is a piece of the South that should never be lost. Most of all, he likes to think Doorman Designs helps to keep New Orleans stories alive through his designs and furniture.

Make it a beautiful day!

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