Commercial Ceilings

Make a lasting, positive impression on your customers! Create a conference room that screams elegance and success. Decorate a beauty salon that will make your clients smile as they stare upwards from the wash bowl. Design a restaurant/bar that demonstrates you have paid attention to every detail of your guest’s experience. And ensure a hotel experience that not only screams clean but is clean from floor to ceiling. Commercial ceilings are the 5th wall — don’t lose another opportunity to impress your customers every time they look up..

And in commercial settings, it is very difficult to tell the difference between real tin and fake tin, even up close unless you touch it and tap it. So the cost benefit analysis weighs heavily toward using faux tin.  Plus, faux tin can be painted any color, is naturally sound absorbent, is easily cleaned, lasts almost forever, and installs quickly and easily. With proper planning even with a large space you can probably replace or cover the entire ceiling in a single night.

Commercial Ceilings

Don’t just take our word for it, learn from and be inspired by others …

Ceiling Tile Inspiration for Restaurants & Bars

Just a quick note to restauranteurs — we really do notice when your ceiling are dirty, dingy, peeling, and stained!  Please invest a few dollars and fix them today!

Commercial Ceiling Tile Inspiration - Union Square

Union Square – NYC >> 208 Faux Tin Tiles | 224 Faux Tin Tiles

Commercial Ceiling Tile Inspiration at Brendans Irish Pub

Brendan’s Irish Pub – NYC >> VC 02 Faux Tin Drop | Faux Tin Tile 210

Ceiling Tile Inspiration-Gottino in NYC

Gottino in NYC >> 210 Faux Tin Tile

Ceiling Tile Inspiration Huye’s Diner New Orleans

Huye’s Diner New Orleans >> 206 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

 Black Tin Ceiling at Mia Francesca, Del Mar, California  142 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Glue up 24×24 – Black

Restaurant Backsplash Ideas

Mia Francesco Ceiling & Backsplash – Del Mar, California >>  142 Black Faux Tin Ceiling TileFaux Tin Backsplash Roll

Ceiling Tile Inspiration at Roxaness Club Long Beach

Roxaness Club – Long Beach >> 210 Faux Tin Tile

Ceiling Tile Inspiration for Hair Salons

Commercial Ceiling Tile Inspiration-Dry Bar, San Diego

Dry Bar, San Diego >> 224 Faux Tin Tiles

Ceiling Tile Inspiration Tommy Guns Brooklyn Salon

Tommy Guns Brooklyn Salon >> 210 Faux Tin Tile

Update: We recently received an email from American Tin Ceilings, the actual installers of the tile.  They were so kind as to send us a case study outlining the thought process behind the installation and choice of material.  They even provide photographs of the actual installation.  We definitely recommend checking it out!  It looks like they used the real tin in what they call Pattern 7, Stainless Steel Gloss and then painted it a shade of creamy antique white!

Ceiling Tile Inspiration for Hotel Guest Rooms and Conference Rooms

Commercial Faux Tin Tile Ceiling Inspiration - Hotel

Hotel Guest Room Ceiling >> 210 Faux Tin Tile

Commercial Faux Tin Tile Ceiling Inspiration - Conference Room

Hotel Conference Room >> 206 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

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