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Commercial Ceilings – Doctors & Dentists Offices

How many times have we implored commercial establishments to take advantage of the fifth wall to wow their clients. One blogger even posted this appalling photo of the ceiling at her ob/gyn’s office. Really?  What adult woman wants to stare at magazine clippings of puppies, kittens, and random men taped to the ceiling of her doctor’s office? At least use a paper cutter to cut straight lines. We remain completely baffled.

Finally – here are two dentists that heeded our advice.  One used 2475 Tin Ceiling Tile to create an urban flare while the other dentist chose a more traditional 222 faux tin ceiling tile in antique copper for his waiting room.  So much better!!!!!!

Commercial Ceilings - Dental Offices

  Dental Office Waiting Room Faux Copper Ceiling

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