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Published on October 27th, 2015 | by Faux Tin Tiles


Gorgeous Kitchen Remodel with Antique Copper Ceilings

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Our friend Milan over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles posted this photo of this GreenRose Fine Homes kitchen remodel on Facebook and we had to share it. We have always been obsessed with dark ceilings and now add the tin factor (or faux tin) and you get our hearts pumping a tad bit faster.  Even though these particular tiles are very dark antique copper, the principals of black ceilings apply. The biggest difference between using black vs. dark antique copper is that the latter has a warmer hue and compliments bronze toned accessories better. We have written about black ceilings a handful of times but we still agree with our friends over at Ceiling Tile Ideas that “although it takes a bit of daring to use black ceiling tiles, they can give a space a feeling of mystery and elegance as well as create a sense of intimacy.” Some contractors worry that painting a ceiling black (or a very dark color) will make it look totally closed in, but the truth is quite often dark colored ceilings make a room seem much more expansive because it creates the illusion of the huge void above, an infinity, or night-sky effect. Sometimes dark ceiling panels are not so much a design choice as a solution to a very practical problem. Commercial kitchens often choose dark faux tin ceiling tiles to hide smoke and water stains.  Movie theaters, concert halls, night clubs, and other entertainment venues often choose dark ceilings to avoid light reflection.  We actually got a kick out of a yahoo answers that asked “Why is there always black ceilings in clubs or restaurants?”  The best answer chosen by voters:  “music sounds better in the dark, and it sometimes looks classier.” Yes, we love dark ceilings and, even in residential kitchens.

Gorgeous Kitchen Remodel with Dark Antique Copper Ceilings 

GreenRose Fine Homes Dark Ceiling Decor

 Deco Seashore Faux Tin Ceiling Tile 112 - Antique Copper Deco Seashore Faux Tin Ceiling Tile 112 -Black

Deco Seashore Faux Tin Ceiling Tile 112 >> Antique Copper | Black

Make it a beautiful day! 

Gorgeous Kitchen Remodel with Antique Copper Ceilings Faux Tin Tiles

Summary: Loving this gorgeous Glenn Ridge, New Jersey kitchen remodel, especially the designer's use of very dark antique copper ceilings to create a sense of drama & elegance.


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