Ceiling Tile Ideas DIY Home Decor Update Using Decorative Tin Tiles

Published on November 1st, 2013 | by Faux Tin Tiles


Easy, Affordable DIY Tricks to Update your Furniture & Home Appliances

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Now that Halloween is behind us, it is time to get the house ready first for Thanksgiving entertaining and then for our Christmas parties (and eventually summertime fun).  Haven’t gotten around to replacing that ratty looking dishwasher or refrigerator?  No worries, you can easily update both with a matching tin tile makeover.  After you finish this simple DIY project, you will be wondering what took you so long.  If you want to retain the magnetic properties of real tin, choose tin plated steel and then finish it with a clear protector or paint it any color that will match your kitchen decor.  If you don’t care if your refrigerator becomes the repository of the memories of your life, we recommend choosing a clear aluminum finish or again, any of the many available colors to compliment your kitchen style.

While you are at it, give that rusty old file cabinet sitting in your “office” a quick facelift or add a bit of pop to your book shelves by inserting tin tiles or even faux tin tiles to the back of the cabinet.  and we love the idea of converting a ceiling medallion to a chic, decorative wall clock.

So many projects – so little time!

DIY Home Decor Update with Tin Tiles
Make it a beautiful day!

Easy, Affordable DIY Tricks to Update your Furniture & Home Appliances Faux Tin Tiles

Summary: Decorative tin tiles can transform your home from drab to fab easily & affordably. Give your old appliances a facelift. Update an old book shelf, or re-purpose an ugly mirror.


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