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Stunning Faux Leather Wall Panels Transform a Room from Drab to Fab

These new and fabulous 3D faux leather ceiling tiles have a stunning resemblance to real leather.  They are 15 3/4″  x 15 3/4″, can be cut with a miter saw, and install easily with hot glue.  Their soundproofing qualities make faux leather panels ideal for use in a venue that has a tendency to get overly loud since they will help absorb the noise.

As you can see, faux leather tiles work particularly well on walls.  Ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, pubs, movie theaters, home theaters, media rooms, libraries, game rooms and basements.  They even look great as bedroom headboards.  Transform your space from plain to beautiful in hours!

Faux leather panels are made out of 3 layers:

  1. Top layer – fire and water proof Polyurethane.
  2. Feeler – sound/water proof fire resistant Polyurethane.
  3. Back board – fire and sound proof PVC.
  • Fire Rated
  • Beautiful
  • Look like Leather
  • 3D Designs
  • Soundproofing
  • Easy to Install
  • Affordable

We love the use of leather panels in this traditional media room by Los Angeles designer Jennifer Bevan Interiors.  You can easily create a similar and much more affordable look using DCT LRT02 Faux Leather Ceiling Tile – Vintage Gold. (If out of stock substitute DCT LRT03 Faux Leather Ceiling Tile – Vintage Gold)

Make it a beautiful day!

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