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Published on December 1st, 2012 | by Faux Tin Tiles


Tin Ceiling Tiles on HGTV’s Property Brothers

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I must confess – I have a new obsession – I am currently enjoying a HGTV Property Brothers marathon.  I record the series to our DVR and then watch it after my husband falls asleep at night.  I like the show so much I now have my daughter and son hooked too.  So last night, was I surprised when I glanced up and saw Jonathan holding a tin ceiling tile.  And not just any tin tile – a 1204 Tin Ceiling Tile – Queen Victoria – one of my personal favorites.

Admittedly, Jonathan had a bit of difficulty installing the tiles – I kept yelling at the TV “just call Milan over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles and he will walk you through it.”   I admit, I am not an expert but since the glue alone wasn’t working on that particular ceiling, using authentic cone head nails  would have secured the tiles to the ceiling in a visually attractive way. Who knows, maybe Jonathan stumbled across Milan’s How2 post providing detailed Nail-Up Instructions for Tin Ceiling Tiles.  In any case, he made it work and the tin tiles transformed the ceiling from fine to fabulous in just a few hours – definitely worth the investment!

Tin Ceiling Tiles on HGTV's  Property Brothers
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