Ceiling Tile Ideas Decorative Tin Ceilings at Seersucker in Del Mar

Published on January 12th, 2014 | by Faux Tin Tiles


Decorative Tin Ceilings at Seersucker in Del Mar, CA

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Real tin tile ceilings never cease to delight me. Yesterday for my birthday, my parents, sister and niece took me to lunch at Seersucker Del Mar, Top Chef Alumni Brian Malarkey’s latest restaurant.  After a bit of local drama, the owners have recently re-opened and re-branded this great restaurant space.  Although I had dined in the space in its previous incarnation, I had not noticed the ceilings.  Rather than spending money to tile the entire restaurant ceiling, the restaurant designers instead chose to create a dropped accent ceiling and it adds just enough pizazz to make it memorable.  In fact, in this space, tiling the entire ceiling might have been overkill (and I very seldom admit to #toomuch decorative ceiling tiles.)

Seersucker has chosen a tile very similar to the pattern Milan over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles calls Union Square.  The mirrored center square is surrounded by perfectly straight and symmetrical lines. The only things that interrupts the perfect symmetry and smooth gloss are the tiny double lines delicately etched into the border. My gut is rather than nailing these tiles up, the contractors used a grid system and dropped the tiles into the grid.   The outer structure was the painted a hot cherry red color and the lights have an industrial modern vibe.  Taken together, it all works well and this look would enhance just about any commercial or residential space.  If you prefer a more sound absorbing material consider installing a similar style, such as Cambridge in Antique White in a faux tin tile.

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