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Stunning Tin Tile Ceiling in Joanna Gaines’ Library

We, like much of the country, are obsessed with Joanna and Chip Gaines and everything and anything Magnolia. And if our obsession needed any further fueling, can you imagine our excitement to discover Jo’s library is not only the stunning perfection of comfort, practicality, and pure chic, her ceiling is decorated with antique ceiling tiles. You read that correctly. Joanna Gaines’ has officially joined the ranks of ceiling tile lovers!

Joanna Gaines’ Library Ceiling

Look and be awed! In addition to our featured image showing an overall view of the library, we have compiled a few photos showcasing the library from different angles. And of course, we specifically focus on the ceilings. We particularly love the shot of the the ceiling tiles reflected in the mirror!

Different Perspectives of Joanna Gaines Library Ceilings

Jo’s Library

Get the Look with Ceiling Tiles

You can easily get the look of these ceilings using either economical faux tin tiles or slightly pricier tin plated steel tiles. After an extensive search, we found two patterns very similar to the one used in Jo’s library. If you want to paint your ceiling and walls the exact shade of deep olive forest green you can order the paint, Beautiful Acres, directly on Magnolia.

Paint it yourself or ask our favorite ceiling tile expert, Milan, over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles to do it for you. Simply have the paint shipped directly to the DCT office in Margate, Florida. The one caveat is that the tin tiles must be painted with an aluminum oil based paint. Or they can be powder coated with any RAL color. We highly recommend ordering a sample can of Beautiful Acres to achieve as close a match as possible. Or better yet, paint your ceilings (and your room) YOUR current favorite color. (If you are really into green, we actually have a post devoted to Green Decorative Ceiling & Wall Tiles! Check it out for other decorative tile patterns you might like.)

Victory Tin Ceiling Tile #503

Victory Tin Ceiling Tile #503

Laurel Wreath Faux Tin Ceiling Tile #210

Laurel Wreath Faux Tin Ceiling Tile #210

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