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Wavy Design Decorative Wall Art Panels

We love reader questions! We love the challenge and the search. Debbie tasked us with finding 3-dimensional tin wall panels with a wave pattern like the one above the fireplace in Cynthia Prizant’s San Clemente Living Room Design. We immediately called Milan at Decorative Ceiling Tiles to seek his advice. Although neither of us could find an exact match, we did find a few options we believe could achieve a similar contemporary look, some of which are tin or copper tiles and others more similar in wavy design but are a either faux leather or bagasse, a durable, biodegradable, environmentally friendly cardboard like product.

Wavy Design Decorative Wall Art Panels

Let’s start with the tin and pure copper products. I believe that although not a wavy pattern these abstract geometric patterns would give a a very modern chic vibe.  Deco Diamonds and Triangles are available in solid copper and aged solid copper finishes as well as tin plated steel and aluminum and range in price from tin plated steel 24″ x 24″ tiles at $8.75 each to double sized 24″ x 48″ solid copper tiles costing $98.00 each.

Milan has also offered to help Debbie explore custom fabrication options if she can provide him a design with exact dimensions.

Alternatively, although Debbie expressed a preference for tin wall art, other materials with a similar wavy design should maybe be considered for a large piece of wall art like the one pictured.  The fact is using faux leather tiles (they really do look and feel like the real thing) might actually be beneficial especially if Debbie entertains a lot.  Unlike the tin or copper, faux leather will help absorb sound rather than create the echo effect a tin wall panel will cause.  We also checked with Milan, who double checked with a faux finisher and painting the tile should not be a problem.  The tile with the wavy design we have chosen to feature is called Sahara Faux Leather Tile.  We have also found one more tile (not featured) called Wave White and it is a 20″ x 20″ styrofoam tile that would definitely need painting,  Be careful not to use a can of spray paint as it will pit the styrofoam. So long as it is seen from a distance and if painted with care, these tiles can very much resemble tin tiles.  Again they too will help with sound absorption.

Wall Flats™

Finally, there is one more product that Alice T. Chan of HGTV’s Power Broker fame introduced us to >> Wall Flats™ from Inhabit®. There are 2 different wavy designs which would look fabulous above a fireplace.  Tierra Wall Flats and Drift Wall Flats.  According to the comment Ms.  Chan left us “the actual cost was around $600 to do that focal wall in the dining room. The product is lightweight and not difficult to install. We used 3M mounting tape to adhere them to the wall. You do have to account for any leftover wall space that won’t get a full tile and adjust accordingly. You can cut them but they are essentially made of cardboard so it doesn’t cut nicely and it won’t have a finished edge. We decided to trim out the wall to make up the difference and it worked out well. There’s a lot of caulking involved to disguise the seams and then painting over it to give it a smooth finished look. Worth it because it is high impact! You can see the full episode here:”

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Debbie emailed us with yet another option  Thank you!!!

Wavy Ceiling Tile

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