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Asian Influenced Decorative Ceiling Tiles

With Chinese New Year celebrations in full swing, we decided to see if we could find any Asian influenced decorative ceiling tiles. And yes, we found a whole slew of them. We even found a tile we like to call a Year of the Dog tile. Although Milan, over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles, has officially named it “Man’s Best Friend” . You can check out many of our Asian influenced finds (plus lots more or our favorite tiles) on our Instagram collaboration with and . And if you follow us, we will follow you back 🙂

We will begin this specially curated collection with the already referenced Year of the Dog tile. We will then feature a few of our favorite dragons and dragonflies tiles. After that we will showcase a handful of our favorite red tiles focusing on those with Asian influenced patterns. We particularly like the idea of using a rosewood look since classic Chinese furniture is typically made of a class of hardwoods, known collectively as “rosewood” .

Asian Influenced Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Dog Themed Tin Ceiling Tile, Man's Best Friend, Tin Ceiling Tile #2427

Year of the Dog >> Man’s Best Friend – Tin Ceiling Tile  #2427


Asian Dragons Decorative Tin and Copper Ceiling Tiles

Asian Dragons Decorative Tin & Copper Ceiling Tiles (featured in 4 different finishes)

Dragonflies - Aluminum Ceiling Tile - 2489

Dragonflies – Aluminum & Copper Ceiling Tiles 

Asian Inspired Rosewood Decorative Tiles

Asian Inspired Rosewood Decorative Tiles

Gold and Red Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Asian influenced decorative ceiling tiles

Gold and Red Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Red Decorative Tiles, Asian influenced decorative ceiling tiles

Red Decorative Tiles & Red MirrorFlex Tiles

Where and how can you use these Asian influenced decorative tiles? Clearly they are designed to be used on the ceiling of any room you want to give a bit of an Asian flare. They would make fabulous backsplashes too! Remember in most residential settings, try not to overdo any particular design element.  Too much of anything can transform a room from fab to sad quickly.

Our friends over at suggest you also consider using any of these tiles to create a photo booth backdrop for an Asian inspired event or party.  And when we called the always creative folks over at, they suggested you turn these tiles into serving trays for your Chinese New Year’s celebrations. And if you are really crafty, you can create headboards, planters, cabinet door insets, and the list goes on and on!

Make it a beautiful day!

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