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Decorative Ceiling Tiles at Chutney and Pickle Restaurant

We recently found a new ceiling tile merchant who we like. Truthfully, we do not know them nearly as well as our buddy Milan over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles but we do appreciate lots of choices and Ceiling Tiles By Us carries a somewhat different selection of  PVC & Styrofoam tiles at really good prices. Plus, we are impressed that the owners and interior designers of the Chutney & Pickle Restaurant located in Coral Springs, Florida chose to work with Ceiling Tiles By Us when designing their first Florida location.

After inspecting and evaluating many different designs and colors, the Chutney & Pickle design team chose this Style 27 PVC Ceiling Tile. They wanted a fire rated tile that could be installed beneath the existing acoustical ceiling tiles and would also help with sound absorption. They also wanted a tile that would create a visually elegant atmosphere to complement  the restaurant’s contemporary style replete with vibrant colors, spicy aromas, and modern Indian music.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles at Chutney and Pickle


We think that both of these contemporary style faux tin tiles will create the look they were trying to achieve!

Dogwood Mirror Silver Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Dogwood :: Mirror Silver Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

wavation mirror silver faux tin ceiling tiles

Wavation :: Mirror Silver Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Make it a beautiful day!

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