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Improve Your Ceilings In Time for the Holidays!

Improve Your Ceilings In Time for the Holidays!

Residential remodel using R-24 Styrofoam ceiling tiles

What a difference a few new styrofoam ceiling tiles, and a fresh coat of paint can make in a room.  To completely tile an 8 x10 square foot room with these simple and elegant R-24 ceiling tiles it will cost you approximately $130 dollars.  If you paint and really splurge by adding decorative styrofoam crown molding, you can completely transform the entire room for under $250.00.  Total time of project: 4-6 hours including prep time.  This is truly a no brainer, especially if you are planning to have guests for the holidays.  Think about picking up a luggage rack as part of the remodel – your room will be so pretty, your guest will be sure to return time and time again!


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