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Magnet Board Kitchen Island

Magnet Board Kitchen Island

Photo Courtesy of  The Twice Remembered Cottage

We love this idea of using tin ceiling tiles to create a magnet board island as the centerpiece of your kitchen.  Consider using  a Classic Elizabethan Shield Ceiling Tile, Delicate Daisies Ceiling TileMoroccan Magic Ceiling Tile, or  Floating Geometry Ceiling Tile for a simpler, more geometric look. Caveat: Only the Tin Plated Steel tiles will work for this application.  Simply prime and paint the tiles to match your decor! Remember, even if you can’t find great magnetic letters, you can easily apply a small stick-on magnet to any letters that tickle your fancy

Tin Ceiling Tile Desk Backsplash

Photo Courtesy of  The Back Yard Bungalow

Alternatively, create a stunning vintage style magnetic backsplash over your kitchen desk!  Although the tiles used in this photo are salvaged tiles, there is absolutely no reason to search for months when you can quickly and easily purchase them from Milan and create your own finish – again be sure to choose tin plated steel (not aluminum) or use magnetic paint to finish the tiles.   Then, if you still want a vintage look, simply rough them up a bit.

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