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Tin Ceiling at Motorino Pizza in East Village NYC

As always, whenever we travel we are on the lookout for great pizza and tin ceilings. Coming from San Diego, we have a dearth of each. So when Matt and I headed east for Thanksgiving this year we booked a NYC hotel for a few days near our first apartment on 11th Street between 5th and University. 31 years ago it was a great area. Today it is 100 times better. Having flown all day, and eaten almost nothing, we grabbed a corner table at Motorino Pizza just before the rush hit.  Motorino is on quite a few of NYC best Pizza lists and is located close to our hotel off Union Square, so off we went. The bottom line – we loved both our brussel sprouts appetizer and the pizza. I got a kick out of “The Perfect Pizza Wine” which is basically a chilled, semi-sparkling plum red medium wine. Matt had a local IPA and we finished with one of the best Tiramisu’s we have ever tried! But since you are not here for a restaurant review, I am sure you already know that I am going to rave that even beyond the food Motorino Pizza in the East Village NYC has done it right >> Yes, the restaurant ceilings are covered in antique copper colored decorative ceiling tiles! Without even thinking, I glance up and there they were. Gorgeous as always.

Decorative Tin Ceiling at Motorino Pizza in East Village NYC

Decorative Tin Ceiling at Motorino Pizza NYC Faux Tin Ceiling at Motorino Pizza NYC

Ceilings At Motorino Pizza 

As always, we turned to our buddy Milan over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles to try to figure out exactly which tiles could achieve the same or a similar look.  He believes the tile that would most closely approximate the look in our photo is his #253 Antique Copper Faux Tin Ceiling Tile.

253 Antique Copper Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

#253 Antique Copper Faux Tin Ceiling Tile | Diamond Wreath – Foam Ceiling Tile | More Antique Copper Ceiling Tiles

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