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Entertain Guests in Style with Tin Ceiling Tile Chargers

We must fess up – we are hooked on‘s new sidebar feature they call PIP’s Picks. And checking out their daily deals has become part of our morning routine. Boy we were happily surprised when this morning we happened upon their latest post Decorative Ceiling Tile Chargers Make Unique Wedding Place Settings. Yep! You read that right. You can actually use tin or aluminum ceiling tiles to make  stunning “ceiling tile chargers”. They have graciously consented to let us re-publish their post here. It looks like they too are huge fans of Milan at Decorative Ceiling Tiles!

Entertain Guests in Style with Ceiling Tile Chargers

Decorative Ceiling Tile Chargers Make Unique Wedding Place Settings

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Many of you already know we are obsessed with decorative ceiling tiles so we could not have been more pleased when Paige sent us this image of @amorology‘s use of tin ceiling tiles as chargers. @amorology shared this photo of Amber & Jason’s wedding where they used tin ceiling tiles as chargers with fresh bundles of lavender and moon inspired place cards.

Decorative Tin Ceiling Tile Chargers

Decorative Tin Ceiling Tile Chargers  (Photo courtesy of @amorology)

DIY Ceiling Tile Chargers

So the ten thousand dollar question is always, “How can I create the look myself?” Surprisingly it is much easier than you might think. First of all, you need to have a very large table. Real tin ceiling tiles are BIG. They are 24″ x 24″. Second, although we generally refer to tin ceiling tiles, you can use either tin or aluminum tiles especially if you do not need them to be magnetic. The advantage of aluminum tiles is that they are available in lots of colors. On the other hand, tin tiles are slightly less expensive but if you want to use them over and over again, they will need to be primed and painted front and back because if not, they will corrode and oxidize.

Both tin and aluminum tiles come in a myriad of styles and you can easily hand paint them to coordinate with your party decor. If you are not too into DIY, our buddy Milan and his team over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles will work with you to create a custom finish and will even apply it for you! Feel free to email him or give him a call at 1-866-297-0380 and tell Milan PartyIdeaPros suggested you contact him!

Aluminum & Tin Ceiling Tiles

Here are a few tile choice ideas using a very similar style as shown in the featured photo.

Wait! Wait! As we were scrolling through various ceiling tile options we came up with an idea to save you both space and money. Check out the decorative ceiling tiles featured below. Are you thinking what we are? All you need to do is cut the tiles in quarters and you can make a great four 12″ x 12″ chargers. Not only will you save space, you will save lots of money yet still create a similar look!

Decorative Ceiling Tiles with Quad Pattern

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