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Tin Ceilings at Kettner Exchange Restaurant & Bar in San Diego

One of San Diego’s newest hotspots, Kettner Exchange,  pays tribute to the early 1900s San Diego replete with a stylized nautical vibe.  When you enter the main lobby, prior to ascending to the rooftop restaurant and bar, you are welcomed to Kettner Exchange with a portrait of Congressman William Kettner. Kettner was the early 1900’s politician responsible for dredging San Diego Harbor to accommodate bigger ships and bringing the Navy to SD. But San Diego history trivia is not why you all landed on this page. The truth is we absolutely love the fact that the restaurant design team not only used tin ceilings at Kettner Exchange to delineate the homage to Congressman Kettner but are fascinated with their use of Edison Light Bulbs within alternate tiles. It has to be one of the more innovative and exciting restaurant ceiling design elements we have seen in a long time.

Tin Ceilings at Kettner Exchange

Kettner Exchange Tin Ceiling & Lighting

As usual, we turned to our buddy Milan over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles, to see what tiles might best replicate the look at Kettner Exchange.  Here are the three tiles that are most similar in design.  None of the colors are exact.  All would need to be hand painted to capture the true antique copper look. The first 3 tiles are all real aluminum tiles.  The Alhambra tile is actually faux tin which is an inexpensive alternative, especially if your ceilings are tall – no one will be able to tell the difference.

 shanker copper ceiling tile #500    shanker starburst copper #525

Shanko -Aluminum – Wall and Ceiling Patterns – #500 | Fandango – Shanko Aluminum Ceiling Tile – #525

 Charlemagne - Shanko Aluminum Ceiling Tile - 518    Alhambra Antique Copper Faux Tin Ceiling Tile #217

Charlemagne – Shanko Aluminum Ceiling Tile – #518 | Alhambra – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – #217

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