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Winner of the Ugliest Ceiling Contest – Before and After Photos’s ugliest ceiling contest winner!  In fact, I have no idea how this photographer would muster the mojo to go to work every day in her basement studio before her ceiling remodel.  Personally, the unfinished ceiling would have freaked me out.  We definitely approve Diana’s choice of tile:  VC 02 Faux Tin Drop In Ceiling Tiles in white matte.VC 02 White Matte Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Advantages of Faux Tin Tiles:

  • Made out of light weight, rust free PVC
  • Tile size: 24×24
  • Tin Look & No Metal Echo!
  • Easy Drop In Installation
  • Cuts With Scissors
  • Affordable – Just $9.99 each(Join DCT’s Mailing List to Get A Coupon To Save 5% Instantly!)  
  • Delivery Time (3-14 business days)

If you have especially ugly ceiling photos, please send them to us. We will post them for everyone to comment on and to give their ideas of ways to transform your room from ugly to lovely in just  few hours!

Winner of the Ugliest Ceiling Contest - Before and After Photos

Make it a beautiful day!

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