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Restaurant Ceiling Ideas – Mendocino Farms Copper Ceiling in Marina Del Rey, CA

We continue to find decorative ceiling tiles in the most unexpected places. We have been hearing about Mendocino Farms in Los Angeles and Marina Del Rey from our LA based friends for years now. This Christmas, on our way home to San Diego from Santa Barbara we finally had an opportunity to experience this renowned sandwich market first hand. Truthfully, I cannot remember which sandwich I consumed, but I do remember 1. the sandwich was delicious and 2. the dropped copper accent ceiling was divine! The ceilings were high enough that I could not tell for sure whether the restaurant designers used real copper tiles or faux copper tiles so we decided to feature both. The tile on the left is a 24 x 24 copper ceiling tile called Union Square #2429 and costs $49.00/each for the solid copper tile and $65.00/each for the aged solid copper tile. In contrast, the tile on the right is also a 24″ x 24″ drop in tile called Schoolhouse #222 but it is much more reasonably priced at just $10.99/each. Another option is the Edgerton Square #2401 24″ x 24″ polished copper tile priced between the solid copper and faux copper tiles at $23.50/each.

Marina Del Rey Mendocino Farms Copper Accent Ceiling

Milan over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles describes the differences in the tiles as follows:

  • Solid Copper Ceiling Tiles & Aged Solid Copper are often immitated but there is nothing like the real thing. The solid copper is not treated. It comes like a shiny new penny and then will naturally age over time. Once it reaches the color they like, the customer will then seal with a clear enamel. That will prevent it from aging any further and allow them to clean it if necessary.
  • Polished Copper  will also give you that desired copper look but make no mistake it is not a real copper. It is actually aluminum.  This product is perfect if you want the polished look and low maintanance.
  • Faux Copper is the  most economical tile and very popular. It is made out out PVC which makes it very light weight and easy to install. Another advantage of faux copper over the real thing is that you will get no echo – the softer surface prevents sound from bouncing off the ceiling as is the case of real metal.

Summary: If you are searching for restaurant ceiling decor inspiration, consider creating a copper tiled accent ceiling like the one at Mendocino Farms rather than tiling the entire ceiling.  It will create signature eye candy without breaking your budget.

Make it a beautiful day!

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