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Decorative Tiles on The Late Show

Has anyone else noticed the decorative tin tile backdrops on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert? Ever since Colbert has assumed the reigns from David Letterman, we have been tuning in regularly because we get a kick out of his interviews with prominent political figures. We generally record the show and watch it during our morning workouts. Truthfully, we do not spend a whole lot of time intently watching the screen but rather have the show on in the background. So you can imagine our surprise when this morning, we glance up to see former President Bill Clinton framed perfectly in front of giant decorative tiles on The Late Show. We have absolutely no idea whether it is real tin tiles or faux tin tiles, but how cool is that.  We are guessing faux tin because the set lighting would be too reflective off of real tin or aluminum tiles and end up visually distracting viewers. What do you think, are the decorative tiles on The Late Show real tin or faux tin?  You can watch the segment above.

Decorative Tiles on The Late Show

President Clinton framed by a decorative tile on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

It also appears as if the set designers they have chosen to use the same style and material to wrap the posts on the set.

Decorative Tiles on the Set of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Decorative Tiles on The Late Show

The decorative tiles definitely add dimension, visual interest, and updated style to the new Late Show set. And as you well know, we believe they offer the same benefits when used in any commercial or residential setting. For a great selection of decorative ceiling tiles check out our favorite ceiling tile supplier,

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