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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Black Cabinets and Blue Storm Formica Countertops

We are loving the use of decorative tin backsplash in this photo from SE Homes of Texas.  Personally, we probably would have chosen Ribbons & Bows pattern rather than Princess Victoria pattern to give this kitchen a more modern look and to mirror the movement in the formica itself. Run the patten in the opposite direction as the pattern in the countertops for contrast. We also like both Times Square and Diamondback Squares patterns for an urban industrial / modern vintage vibe which goes so well with the black cabinets.  We much prefer tin backslashes to small mosaic tiles in a kitchen.  Yes they look great and are very “in” today but they are not as timeless as tin tiles and are a real pain to keep clean especially behind a stove where the chances of grease splash and messy spills are compounded.  Cleaning all that grout  – well thank goodness it is not me trying to keep up with the maintenance.

 Decorative Tin Backsplash with Blue Storm Formica with Black Cabinets with

A less expensive alternative to using a real tin backsplash is this fleur de lis faux tin backsplash roll.  It is even easier to install than sheets of aluminum and will give you the look of real tin except that it will not reflect the light quite as much as using the real thing. On the other hand, faux tin is definitely more sound absorbent if you have lots of people gathering in your kitchen and it regularly gets really, really loud.

For more information about faux tin backsplash installation check out this video

In summary – we think a tin or faux tin backsplash is the perfect complement to a kitchen equipped with Blue Storm Formica counters and black kitchen cabinets with brushed nickel or stainless steel hardware.

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