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Restaurant Ceiling Decor at The Corner Drafthouse

Restaurant ceiling decor is our favorite source of residential and commercial decor inspiration. Each and every time we go out to eat, we cannot help but glance at the ceiling. So, last Friday when Uncle Andy and Annie flew into town, we picked him up at the airport and drove to The Corner Drafthouse, a new brew pub near the airport, for a quick lunch. The restaurant had the perfect “welcome to San Diego vibe” – good food, a fun atmosphere, a great selection of artisan beers and Bloody Marys  and yes, decorative ceiling tiles.

We are not sure whether the ceilings are actual antique copper tiles or if they are faux tin tiles but in either case, the ceiling tiles were intricate and reflected light in a beautiful way. We took lots of pictures but realized our phone photos of the restaurant, and specifically its ceilings, did not rival the professional photos we later found on  Corner Drafthouse’s website. Check out both the restaurant photos and our “Get the Look” ideas below.

Restaurant Ceiling Decor at The Corner Drafthouse

by Karli

Ceiling Tiles at The Corner Drafthouse in San Diego

Ceiling tile black and bronze decor

Intricate restaurant ceiling tiles Restaurant ceiling tiles the corner drafthouse Restaurant bronze ceiling tiles

Ceiling Tiles at The Corner Drafthouse in San Diego, California

Get the Look with Antique Copper Faux Tin Tiles

As always, to replicate the look, we turned to our friend Milan over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles. Here are some of the tiles he suggested that would work to achieve a similar look to the ceilings at The Corner Drafthou. Our favorite is still the classic, Tiny Tulips. It seems to work in pretty much every setting. It is ornate, with lots of dimension, yet not over the top .

Antique copper victorian ceiling tiles

Antique Copper Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles >> Tiny Tulips #148 

Glue up iron ceiling tile home decor

Wrought Iron Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles #205

Antique copper faux tin ceiling tile

Antique Copper Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles >> Matrix #227 

Gothic antique copper ceiling tiles faux tin

Gothic Reims #150 Antique Copper Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

And one final thought >> whenever you go out to eat, remember to look up!

Make it a beautiful day!

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