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Vanilla Ice Installs Decorative Ceiling Application in “A Greater Room”!

We finally had a chance to catch up on our DIY Network viewing and watch the March 8, 2014 episode where Vanilla Ice decides to install Decorative Ceiling Tiles Elizabethan Shield (#DCT 04) Faux Tin Glue-Up Ceiling Tile in the great room of the Florida house he is remodeling. The tile is a beauty and fits perfectly into the ornate decor he has chosen. The color and texture help to warm the space left void by those soaring ceilings. We applaud his choice!

Vanilla Ice Project Antique Copper Ceiling Application

Living Room Ceiling in Vanilla Ice Project

Our favorite line of the whole episode is when Rob (aka Vanilla Ice) says, “If you think this is looking finished, well  you haven’t looked up.”  So few modern day designers and contractors take advantage of the all important 5th wall. Maybe it will be Vanilla Ice, best known for his work as an American rapper, who will be the cultural influencer who propels the beautiful nuances of  decorative ceiling applications back to the forefront of interior design.

Make it a Beautiful Day!

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